These social media marketing copy samples promote a medical spa called Lux Laser and Skincare. I also write creative content for their blog.


These samples of web content are for two small businesses. Racking Systems, Inc. provides warehouse storage solutions while Dreyco offers flooring, tile, and painting options for homes.

About – Racking Systems

Located in Lakewood New Jersey, Racking Systems Inc. offers affordable new and used pallet racks and other forms of shelving. We offer our expert services throughout the country, which includes delivery and installation of new storage equipment, as well as disassembly and removal of your existing storage units. If you have any further questions about us, you’re more than welcome to ask any of our happy, satisfied customers. Just let us know and we’ll provide you with references.

Top 5 Things to Do in Eugene Oregon

The picturesque city of Eugene, Oregon is bordered by the Willamette River on one side. When you look at Eugene on a map, you’ll notice that it almost looks heart-shaped. It’s fitting since Eugene is beloved by locals and visitors alike. On the one hand, Eugene is a quiet town of nature-loving people and offers a quick route to the mountains. On the other hand, it features a bustling college community and vibrant downtown. It’s the second largest city in Oregon, with Portland being the largest. Eugene, Oregon features a number of fun places to visit that everyone can enjoy, all year-round. Do you have kids? Love museums? Are you into beer? Whatever it is you fancy, Eugene has something for you.


The most recent ones are for Lux Laser and Skincare, and a lifestyle blog called Trendy Mami.

Top Reasons to Use Adult Day Care Services for Elderly Loved Ones

Caring for an elderly family member can be very difficult and overwhelming. Not only do you have to attend to that family member’s personal and medical needs, but you need to tend to your own life. How will you be able to work a full-time job if you have to spend most of your time caring for say, your parent? And what if you have children and a spouse? They need you too. Luckily, family caregivers can find assistance and much-needed respite in the form of adult daycares.

Differences between Elderly Caregiver Roles

When we think of elderly caregivers, we often picture nurses working in hospitals or assisted living facilities. But the truth is that you don’t need a nursing degree to become an elderly caregiver. In fact, in some cases, all you need is a high school diploma and some training. Caring for the elderly is a rewarding, but challenging experience. It’s not a career choice one should decide upon a whim. Before you decide to go down the path of elderly caregiving, first ask yourself these questions.

The Benefits of Green Tea for Your Skin

Green tea has long been a popular drink in Asian countries like China, but Western society has quickly adopted this beverage as well, and not just for its flavor. Green tea has been linked to a number of general health benefits that include, among other things, lowering your chances of high blood pressure, Type II diabetes, and even cancer. However, green tea can also improve your skin’s health and appearance. This can be done through direct consumption or applying it on your skin. Green tea co

Skin Care Tips for Fall

Happy Fall! It’s time to start packing up your short shorts, tank tops, and flip flops and bring out your boots, light sweaters, and leggings. But clothing isn’t the only thing that should change with the seasons. Your skin care routine should also be different. Not only is the air less humid, but it’s also windy and colder. All these environmental shifts affect your skin. Here are some quick tips to shifting your summer skin care to fall.

Skin Care Routines in Your 30s

Caring for your skin in your 30s is very different than when you were in your 20s. Back then, all you mainly had to worry about was keeping acne at bay, washing your face at night, and moisturizing it. But your 30s are a different story. Although you still have to fight off acne (in the form of adult acne), now you also have to deal with the signs of aging and life choices, and habits prominently displayed on your skin. Let’s explore the changes in skin care routine in your 30s.

Have fun with your Kids and Salt Paint! - Video instructions included

I’m always trying to think of fun, art activities that my children will enjoy. Sometimes it can be a bit challenging, because it has to be simple enough for my 4-year old to do, but still have to hold my 6-year old’s interest. Salt paint is super easy and perfect for children of any age, using materials you most likely already have at home. All you need is glue, salt (duh), paper, and watercolor paints.


I created adoption flyers for a cat shelter called Town Cats of Morgan Hill. The flyers featured older cats, as they are less likely to be adopted compared with kittens.