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How to Prevent Summer Learning Loss

July 12th is National Summer Learning Day, created by the National Summer Learning Association (NSLA) to raise awareness of summer learning loss (AKA “summer slide”). This is a phenomenon in which school children forget some (ok, maybe a lot) of what they’d learned throughout the school year during summer break. Recently expanded by the NSLA to cover the whole week of July 8-13, National Summer Learning Day invites families, education leaders, and child experts to work together and ensure kids a

How a Father’s Love Reimagined Internet Safety

Father’s Day offers a moment to pause and honor the dad in your life. Dads can feel like the unsung heroes in the family. Dads work with their partner in family plans and parenting guidelines. Dads encourage kids to get up, dust off, and try again. And of course, dads live and breathe to protect their children night and day. Ensuring children’s safety can feel paramount to fathers. Whether snapping on bike helmets or buckling up seat belts, Dads move through their days with children’s safety al

The Link Between Social Media and FOMO in Teenagers

It may be hard to accept for some people, but we can’t be everywhere at once. Sometimes multiple events will happen at the same time, and we’d have to choose which one to attend. Other times we won’t be invited to certain gatherings or outings. While many people accept this and move on, others may become consumed by this knowledge and develop FOMO—Fear Of Missing Out. FOMO refers to the anxiety and discomfort someone feels when they think they’re missing out on fun experiences. It’s normal to f

Why Teens Are Attracted to Dangerous Viral Challenges

Teenagers are notorious for engaging in reckless behavior, and probably have been doing so since humans first walked the earth. It wouldn’t be surprising to learn of prehistoric teens taunting wooly mammoths. However, the rise of social media has inadvertently elevated risk-taking, in the form of viral challenges. Participating in these dangerous viral challenges have led some teens to hospitalization, disfigurement, and even death. Let’s explore why teens often get involved in these viral chal

Beauty Tips to Prepare for New Year’s Eve

Christmas is a time to think about others. Buying presents, sending greeting cards, traveling to see family—those are heartwarming activities we do for our loved ones. However, New Year’s Eve is a different story. New Year’s Eve is a time to CELEBRATE! It’s not too early to start prepping for the biggest party of the year. In between your Christmas shopping, squeeze some time in to get yourself a cute outfit, killer shoes, and sexy ‘do. But none of that matters if you don’t have healthy, glowing skin.


I created adoption flyers for a cat shelter called Town Cats of Morgan Hill. The flyers featured older cats, as they are less likely to be adopted compared with kittens.