Other Work

Here are links to websites that feature(d) my work.


As of summer 2023 I've been freelancing for a food blog called Drizzle Me Skinny but am available for other freelancing gigs.

I'm also looking for part-time or full-time remote work. Please shoot me an email if you require detailed, well-written, heavily researched content with a fast turnaround.


Securly - I worked as a contractor at this edTech company for about six months. I was a content writer for their B2C department and created content that included marketing emails, social media ads, printed flyers, webpages, blog articles, and more.

Lux Laser and Skincare - I created social media marketing copy and short blog content to promote the services of this medical spa. The website has been taken down but I have backup copies in pdf form.

TrendyMami - I was a freelance writer for this site since March 2018. My articles were lifestyle-related, focusing on parenting and family life.

HubPages - I wrote a few articles in Spring 2018, and a few more in fall 2023.

Town Cats of Morgan Hill - I worked for this animal shelter for six months, creating printed flyers promoting cat adoptions.

Blogcritics Author Page Blogcritics seems to have done a rehaul of their site and removed articles from their former writers.

TechnologyTell Author Page Like many smaller video game websites, TechnologyTell (formerly known as GamerTell) was shut down by its parent company, GadgetTell solutions.

Reel Reviews - This was my early attempt at a film review blog, before I bought my own domain and hosted one myself.

Aion Spiritmaster Guide - A strategy guide I wrote for a massively multiplayer online roleplayer game (MMORPG). Please note that this guide can only be viewed by purchasing it. However, I can provide a sample page upon request.

Lord of the Rings Online Burglar Guide - Another strategy guide I wrote for a massively multiplayer online roleplayer game (MMORPG). This guide can also only be viewed by purchasing it, but I can provide a sample page as well.

I also wrote for three minor video game websites: RipTen, GameOnn, and GoGamingGiant. All three no longer exist.

I've also done some ghostwriting projects such as web content, email copy, and reviews for various freelance clients.